Mr Motwani,

I have attached the edited file (with Track Changes on) for your perusal. There were a few mistakes there, including typos. Besides the obvious mistakes, a few other parts have been changed; not because they were mistakes but because I was trying to improve the article a little. Kindly note the changes, and if you like, we can discuss them.

You wrote: As somebody said, a 2005 hurricane in South Florida left everything in its path “blowing in the wind.”

Mr Motwani, kindly don’t attribute certain quotes or fragments of quotes to unnamed/unidentified speakers. It’s better to ignore such a piece of information than attribute it to “somebody”, unless we can provide some more information on this speaker, like “As an Alabama resident who was… said”. Something, in the absence of a name, to give our readers to imagine that speaker in some way.

Also, you need to provide a fitting image and a caption to match in your forthcoming articles.

We use title case in our features’ headings and sub-headings. In news we stick to sentence case. Also, we use serial comma (Oxford comma) as a matter of house style.

You would also need to think of fitting headings for your future articles.

These two were clean copies, but I hope they are cleaner in future.

Harpreet Bhagrath