Mr Agarwal,

In your TJ article, the following sentence was chopped, as it talked of telecommuting figures, a bit of a diversion from the focus (telecommuting is working from home, and our article is about full-time employees occasionally doing office work out of office premises):

According to Forrester research, more than 34 million Americans are occasional telecommuters, and the number is likely to increase to 63 million by 2016. 

We don’t require graphs to be indented. As a matter of house style, we capitalise Web, and write website as website. For the time being, any article you do for TJ does not require photo caption and box; Brisvaani articles do for sure.

Kindly provide blurbs in all the forthcoming articles. One of the tutorials sent earlier talks about writing blurb for CM articles and features. You can note how the blurb (text immediately after the title) has been provided in both your articles above. Also note both the titles and write similar titles for your future copies.

Harpreet Bhagrath