Mr Agarwal,

A few things were missing in your article on cloud computing.

We use title case in headings and sub-headings in our articles and features.

Second, you needed to make sub-heads bold as you do in our news.

Then, our ‘sub-headed’ parts are at least two graphs long. Your sub-heads hardly contained any details or further exploring.

The sub-headed parts, like the following three, could have been improved with an apt quote, some clarification, some analysis, etc., just to give them some ‘body’:

<strong>No Capital Expenditures</strong>

The costs of cloud computing are operational rather than capital. Since the IT infrastructure needs are handled by a third-party, the costs shift from capital to operational.

<strong>Low Cost of Entry</strong>

With its reach and access, cloud computing is the best option for any startup. You can test your idea very quickly or scale a division of your company to the world at low cost.


If you require huge storage space, then it is better to buy that yourself rather than pay someone else for it.

Plus, we also need at least three quotes from experts or news makers. Your article fell short here.

Otherwise the article was a good read, but I feel it could have been a lot better.

I have published the article, but kindly make sure these issues are addressed in your forthcoming articles. Here’s the URL:

Harpreet Bhagrath