Here’s the step-by-step process of conducting e-mail interviews.  

  1. Communicate with the public relations department/secretary, as the case may be.

–          Introduce yourself through an e-mail or give a call, explaining what we do and your position in CW

–          Let them know the purpose of the communication, i.e. an e-mail interview with the subject.

  1. After you get the go-ahead of the interviewee through the PR department, tell the PR official/secretary that you’ll be sending a questionnaire for the interviewee to go through.
  2. Settle the timings with the PR person/secretary, telling him by what time you’ll be sending the questionnaire and within what time frame the answers will be sent back to us.
  3. Prepare the list of questions for the PR official/secretary to discuss with the interviewee

–          Do thorough research on the interviewee, see if he/she has been in news lately

–          Frame questions based on current happenings and news on the company/interviewee

  1. E-mail the list of questions to the PR official/secretary

–          Ask the official/secretary when the answers will be e-mailed back to you.

–          Let him know that after you get the answers, you still might cross-check certain facts, quotes etc.

–          Let him know that you’ll be quoting the interviewee on the answers he provides

  • Tell the PR official/secretary that the answers are going to be published ‘on the record’.
    • Clear any issues coming out of the answers being ‘on the record’.
  1. After you get the e-mailed answers, edit and format them properly.

–          Answers may or may not be shown to the interviewee, depending on whether they’ve requested or not, and what sort of story the answers are meant for.