1. How many articles do I need to write every day?

We require at least seven articles in a week from writers, but if on a certain day you cannot write, we are open to dry days once in a while. You can write as much as you wish to though; there’s no maximum limit for articles per week. Normally, we accept 2-3 articles every day from our regular writers.

2. Can I write for any CM portal, i.e., thejourneyer.net, brisvaani.com?

In the beginning, you start with the portal assigned to you, but later on–in case we find you fit for that–you can explore other portals too.

3. What would be the mode of payment and how much can I earn in a month? 

You will get paid in your bank account through banking transfer. But if you like to come to the office and collect your cheque every month, that choice is also available. We pay on the 7th of every month for the work done till the 31st of that month. Pay is based on the number of published articles per month.

For payment purposes, you need to send us the invoice (attached along with the tutorials) on the 1st of every month. The minimum payout is INR1000 or USD25. Also, you must send your invoice in proper format, otherwise 10% TDS will be deducted.

4. Will you pay me on the selection of an article or on submission?

We will pay you when the article gets published. But the rejections are only in the beginning, as our writers learn the ropes very quickly. Less mistakes means less rejections.

5. Do you want something in written before I start writing for you? 

No, you can start straight away without further ado.

6. From when can I start writing?

You can start writing from tomorrow; soon as your username (ID) on the portal gets authorized.

7. Can the procedure be demonstrated by any of the in-house team members?

Yes, that is a routine process with us. Just come to the office for an hour or so in the beginning (if you live near Mohali, that is) so that one of our staff members can show you the way.

8. Am I required in the office or not.

We usually call freelancers from time to time and clear editing and improvement issues with them. You may be required to come to the office (if you live near Mohali, India, that is) once a week in the beginning.

9. What happens after I write an article, and submit after thoroughly editing it?

After you submit the feature in the content queue, our editors check the copy for plagiarism and quality control issues and publish it when they find the copy up to our standard. You get paid for the published articles only.

10. What are the deadlines for home-based freelance writers?

For news writing, the deadline is 3 hours. For features, it is 2-3 days.

11. Are home-based writers offered a byline, or this is a ghostwriting job?

You get bylines for all your write-ups. .

12. Will Cosmos Media allow me to mention its website in my online profile?

You can sure mention our website’s name in your profile (you get a byline as well). We don’t link out to writers’ personal websites/blogs though.

13. If Cosmos Media is satisfied with services rendered, does it provide testimonials to writers who request them?

We sure do. But the writer has to have been working with us for at least six months for us to sign testimonials or experience certificates.

14. What happens if the writer wants to end the association?

You work till you like to work with us. A week’s notice should suffice.

15. One of your tutorial documents mentions that a feature article ranges from 400 to 1000 words. In that case, how do you determine the pay rate? In other words, what’s the pay rate for a 600- or a 1000-words article?

Our pay rate stays the same till 600 words. We are already beating the industry rate for content writing by a fair margin, so we expect the writers to do justice to the topic, which sometimes requires them to provide more than 400 words in an article. If you think the article will require more than 600 words, you need to discuss the pay rate with your editor before you begin writing on it.

16. If I want to write more, say five articles every day, can I do so?

Yes. But the difficult part is that soon as we assign bulk assignments to a writer, the quality goes down. The writer cannot do justice to a topic unless he/she spends at last 1.5 hour doing the articles like we do. So, long as you still spend the same amount of time on every article you write, you can write five a day for us. We require the writer to do at least 4000 words worth of research on the net to write every article. Plus, the finished articles have to be thoroughly edited before submission.

17. How is the article count maintained? Is there any automated software for the same, or it’s done manually?

For the article count, our system tracks the writer’s work throughout the month. But you also need to note down the URLs (published links) of your published copies. You will need to provide these URLs in your monthly invoice for payment purpose. After crosschecking your links (the URLs provided by you in the invoice) with our article-tracking mechanism, we make the payment.