Here are a few pointers for those interested in writing movie reviews for TJ.

Select a movie that you feel interested in. This can make you understand the movie better. I would advice you to watch the movie you wish to write on during the week. You’ve got a whole day to write a review. The deadline is Saturday 6 p.m., far as I remember. And don’t tell me watching a movie feels like work to you (it does to me though); if it did, you wouldn’t have chosen movie review as your weekly assignment.

Form your opinion about the movie and try to give it marks (say, out of 10 how many?).

In the beginning, provide the cast and stuff like this:

Director: ****** ******

Cast: ****** ******, ****** ******, ****** ******, ****** ******

Music Director: ****** ******

And others you can find: ****** ******

Production House: ABCL Film Productions

Run Time: 2 hours and 35 minutes (If you can find it)

Your Marks: 5/10

Give it a good lead to grab readers’ attention. There are many ways of doing it. You can compare the movie with another movies being released in the same week. You can start with a quote from the movie, or write a bit about the actor or director and say how he has done in this movie considering his reputation. You can also start by saying if the movie will cut the mustard with the viewers or not. If you didn’t like the movie, come straight to the point right away, and sock it to the readers if they have high expectation from the flick.

Don’t give away the whole movie plotline. And definitely don’t give away the ending, for sure. One of our writers just submitted a review with the whole storyline disclosed. Where’s the suspense now? Of course, some viewers like to know what they’re getting into before spending 50 bucks (or whatever it is), but even they will not like to know the ending, I reckon.

Don’t hold back your critique of the movie, director or actors. Nobody will sue you even if you stick a knife into them through your words. If you hated the movie, just give it 0/10. If you really loved it, give it 10/10.

Keep it a good length. 300-400 words is what I recommend.

Cosmos Writers Editorial Team