Why Us

Other editing services may give your work to novice editors. At Cosmos Editors, the editing is overseen by our principal editor, Harpreet Bhagrath, himself, which means no quality control issues. Here’s Harpreet Bhagrath’s profile.

Editing is a painstaking, slow process that also requires professional expertise. Beware of editing firms that promise exquisite service to all their client base. To make that happen, they need to have employed tens of editors like Mr Bhagrath, which they can only do if it is a very big company. Small firms that promise professional services to heaps of clients need to be looked at suspiciously. We would. So why would you take a risk with them? Will they say they will not be able to do justice to your job? No. They will always say they will do it. But they will not be able to do it.

But with Cosmos Writers, you can rest assured the job will be done to your satisfaction–by Mr Bhagrath and his two assistants. A very small team we know, but trust us, you want the editorial team to be small like ours. Unlike us, some of the editors and writers in big companies take care of clients’ copies like a bull in a china shop. Just to let you in on one of our processes, following is a checklist we run clients’ every copy through.

Our Checklist for Your Final Documents

After we have written your documents or contents, we ask ourselves these questions:

Have we organized the arguments and ideas in a logical sequence?

  • New information after old information and not the other way round

Does the reading become awkward for the reader?

  • Transition of ideas within sentences and paragraphs has to be smooth

Is the content informative and interesting (or as interesting as it can be) throughout?

  • Find the weak parts and work on them

Have we matched the writing style, tone, and purpose of the write-up?

Have we maintained the consistency of language and tone throughout the document? Has the client’s preferred style sheet been adhered to?

Have we checked pretentious language, homonym problems, spelling and punctuation mistakes, vague words and terms, illogical statements and arguments, incorrect possessives, clichés and trite expressions, and other such problems in the write-up?

Have we checked redundancy, wordy phrases, and needless repetitions? Does the write-up contain wordiness?

  • Say more with less words, in a way that every word tells

Have we checked our word usage?

  • Try to eliminate clichés, and use fresh words and phrases instead
  • Try to better our words; see if we can replace weak or unfitting words with the ones that fit better