Do you want to publish your own monthly magazine or newsletter or community/industry website? We can provide a complete package to you from India.

Here are the variety of ways we can help you in: Brand Building and Industry Media Model

We are a team of writers, editors, webmasters, website designing, and graphics designing professionals based in Chandigarh, India, and we can put together your monthly magazine or newsletter or website/portal for you.

Our principal editor, Harpreet Bhagrath, has been working as the editor in various magazines and business journals since 1999. Click to read Harpreet Bhagrath’s profile.

Currently ongoing works and recent works

Below are some of our team’s ongoing works in Australia:

  • Managing and daily updating the online portal of Indian News Queensland of Brisbane. Our writing, editing, and designing firm also built their website. If you need such a website/portal or need a newsletter or a magazine done, our team can do it for you: Indian News Queensland 
  • Managing the editorial contents of print newspaper Indian News Queensland 
  • Past issues that our team did for another publisher, Radio Brisvaani of Brisbane: Brisbane Connexion
  • Another Brisbane-based publisher The Westender’s portal built by us: The Westender
  • Recently built this portal for our Aldinga, Qld client: Aldinga Bay Residents Association
  • Our Sydney-based client: Desi Australia
  • Currently building this portal for an Australian client: Migration Today

Complete package offered
Like our current clients, if you also feel our regular services can benefit your organisation, we can offer you a complete package including

  • Writing and editing services (entire editorial contents of the magazine/newsletter/portal)
    • Timely and appropriate news, articles, features, listicles, fillers — the whole editorial contents — written and edited
    • Appropriate, original, and copyright-free photos (with captions) to go along with all the articles, features, and news
  • Newsletter/magazine graphics-designed in Corel Draw or Indesign (weekly or fortnightly or monthly; exported to PDF)
  • Publishing of every newsletter/magazine in a PDF-based, flip-book format on your website (for online reading from anywhere in the world), like this: Click here.
  • Daily SMO: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube management
  • Portal management: daily looking after your website/portal, daily updates and clearing issues, keeping hackers away, etc.
  • All official communications, letters, marketing pitches, proposals, etc., written for your publication
  • Media kit of the magazine/newsletter/portal written by us and designed by our graphics designer

What you will get (under website/portal management)

You will get the following jobs done by our team daily on your portal:

  • Keeping the website/portal informative and interesting through multiple updates daily (at least 4-5 daily): news, articles, features, listicles, tit-bits, photo galleries, weekly polls, etc.
  • The portal will also be updated with regular additions to the business directory, upcoming events
  • Creation and maintenance of various databases (Excel): subscribers, advertisers, industry contacts, your industry clients, news and information sources, etc.
  • Weekly newsletters with the most important updates of the week sent out to the email database
  • Social media optimisation (SMO) of the portal done daily; maintain the magazine’s social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter; multiple updates daily
  • Minor tweaks as well as major changes to the portal done to maintain it and keep it in ship-shape condition
  • Server faults and issues looked after
  • Bi-weekly backups (and restoring, if the website develops irreparable faults)
  • Web security undertaken to thwart the hacking attempts and keep the website safe daily, making sure the portal/website is up and running all the time
  • Daily webmastering

Monetisation/revenue generation

  • As weeks go by and your website/portal generates targeted traffic, you should be able to generate revenue from online subscribers, online advertisers, banner ads, and Facebook promotions as well.
  • Earnings will also come from Google Adsense that we will incorporate within your portal; we will also get your portal’s Google Adsense account approved and running on your portal/website.

Anything that you see having been done in the links above, we can do for you also. The best thing is our team will not cost you much. Just call us in India at 91-9855506880 or visit our website: Cosmos Media.

If you are interested, we can offer you the most reasonable pricing on all or any of the above jobs.


Cosmos Media Team
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