Industry/Community Portal Package

You can avail our Industry/Community Portal Package including website maintenance, daily updates, blogging, SEO/SMO, e-mail marketing. All these jobs are outlined below.

Email Marketing

We target specific community or group of people as per your business’s requirements. Just to take one example, there are around 13,000 emails of Brisbane Indians in our database, and this is a real number. These are specific Indians and belong to this community in Australia. Unlike us, other firms you go to for email marketing will always give you an inflated number because they normally don’t have targeted email accounts, like this, of only the Indians in Brisbane. Likewise, we have other targeted email databases as well.

Daily Maintenance

Our team can maintain your portal/website on a monthly basis. Our monthly maintenance includes the following:

  • 4-8 updates in a month, if required by your website
  • Minor tweaks to the website to maintain it and keep it in ship-shape condition
  • Server faults and issues looked after
  • Weekly backups (and restoring, if the website develops irreparable faults)
  • Daily webmastering

Daily Updates and Blogging

It is very important to regularly update the portal/website with current news, articles, features, blogs, etc., pertaining to your industry, and we continuously have to hit the market/web with just the right updates. For this, a lot of specific, targeted writing is required. On an average if we are carrying 4-5 write-ups on your portal/website every week, that should be enough for our SEO and SMO staff to promote your website through these articles. The reason these regular articles are important is threefold:

  • To keep search engines happy and, hence, to stand a chance in appearing on top of their search results for chosen keywords
  • To bring traffic to the website by giving the web visitors reasons to come back to your website; basic pages like About Us, Our Services, Our products, Contact Us, etc., are not enough to bring traffic to your website, so we need regular updates to attract new visitors as well as old visitors.
  • To give us a reason to promote the website every day on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, DIGG, Stumble Upon, Reddit, etc. Without these regular updates/write-ups, it will not be possible for us to promote through social media sites like Facebook, for the simple reason that we don’t have anything to say to the network of friends.

Also, to attract more traffic on your website and to turn those visitors into your customers, we need to create just the right impression in the market: that you are the market leader, know your trade/industry/field inside out, and are always on top of things. One of the ways to achieve this is by turning your website into an industry-portal on the web. Your website should be not just a company website but a comprehensive portal that keeps readers abreast of all the news and developments pertaining to your industry. So we will cover your industry through your website, making you stand out as the industry leader. In your website-cum-web portal, we can cover your industry through relevant news, articles, features. All this will not only improve your search engine rankings and make you way more noticeable on the web than you might be now, it will also result in exponential sales for your products. This will also be achieved through your own blog.

So your own blog, combined with news and articles pertaining to your industry will not only attract more traffic, but will create just the right impression in the market. You need to create just this impression to capture the trust of people. With this trust will come the sales.


We will depute one full-time, dedicated professional that will look after your website’s SEO/SMO jobs:

  • One full-time SEO/SMO expert at your disposal
    • Dedicated completely to your website
    • 8 hours per day, 6 days a week, he will execute the SEO/SMO/digital marketing policies, strategies, and daily procedures for the whole day continuously
    • On-page and off-page optimisation; keywords research and implementation; and YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media accounts will be maintained and updated by this staff

If you decide to hire our services, we will get started on your SEO-SMO-digital marketing jobs exactly ten days after the first month’s advance is transferred to our Australian ANZ account.

Below, we have given all the one-time jobs as well as the daily jobs that we will accomplish for you. We will share weekly reports (Excel file) on the various SEO-SMO-digital marketing jobs that we are executing.

Link-building and on-site optimization and off-page optimization

  • Gathering keyword phrases (no of keywords: 4)
  • Finding meta keywords (keyword research)
  • SEO plug-in installations
  • Working with SEO-friendly URLs, configuring SEO plug-ins and addons, custom permalink settings
  • Installing Google Analytics code tracking Google Analytics for stronger keywords and incoming traffic
  • Installing Google verification page; installing Yahoo/Bing verification page
  • Creating a Google Webmaster Tools account (with verifications) controlling crawl rates and 404 page errors
  • Creating a sitemap.xml file and optimizing it for indexing and crawling
  • Creating a robots.txt file
  • Creating nofollow link roots
  • Creating a 301 redirect canonicalization (avoid duplications) site optimization for Alexa rankings
  • Creating Google Plus, Facebook pages with meta keywords for traffic, submitting site in different directories for page rank
  • Driving traffic with relevant keywords and strategies
  • Keyword research (keywords: 4) advance keyword research and analysis
  • Link-building via directories and dofollow blogs
  • Removing unwanted links from Google search
  • Domain redirections and indexing optimization
  • Google Site links for your site
  • HTML suggestions
  • Maintaining Google Labs (fetch as Google bot, site performance, video sitemaps, etc)
  • Direct referral traffic with Adwords or PPC
  • Social bookmarking, forum shares

Traffic Measures and SMO

  • Using to help Google robots to crawl your website
  • Video SEO via YouTube for direct traffic (video provided by you); content marketing for link juice and SERPS (content provided by you); press releases for marketing/traffic (press releases provided by you); document presentation sharing for marketing/traffic
  • PPC/CPC (as per your budget); social media promotions via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Social media marketing and marketing management
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account creation and maintenance (more such social sites will also be identified and promoted, if needed)
  • Regular weekly postings — min. 10 posts / week (5 business days)
  • PPC campaigns as per your budget; complete management of the marketing campaign plus help with business development strategies