E-Commerce Web Service

Need to automate sales online? Need e-commerce on your website? We have just the right solution for you.

To attract more customers, companies need to create just the right impression in the market: that you are the market leader, know your trade/industry/field inside out, and are always on top of things. So how do you create this impression?

Your Website Turned into Industry Portal

One of the ways to achieve this is turning your website into an industry-portal on the web. Your website should be not just a company website but a comprehensive portal that keeps readers abreast of all the news and developments pertaining to your industry. So if you are a yarn-manufacturing company supplying to the hosiery and textile industry, we will cover the whole textile and hosiery industry through your website, making you stand out as the industry leaders. In your website-cum-web portal, we can cover your industry through relevant news, interviews, articles, features, forum, industry-specific chat rooms, weekly polls, etc. All this will not only improve your search engine rankings and make you way more noticeable on the web than you might be now, it will also result in exponential sales for your products.

E-commerce and Automated Sales on Your Website

What’s more is that through e-commerce mechanism, we will automate the whole sale process for you. Just by visiting your website, the buyers will be able to shop online after seeing the showcased products, selecting what they want, loading the shopping cart, calculating how much they owe you, and finally paying online directly to your bank account.