Our Rates

The following are our website designing and maintenance charges.

  • Basic plan: 3-page basic website without features*: USD499 (Without SEOed contents)
  • Standard plan: 6-page standard website with 3 features*: USD1499 (With SEOed contents)
  • Premium plan: 10-page premium website — complete with SEOed contents and all the desired features — designed, hosted, and maintained** on our server: USD2499
    • With this plan, we look after your website for you, so you can focus on your core business
    • Subsequent months’ maintenance costs USD199 per month (basic maintenance)


  • Additional pages, content-written and designed, cost USD49 per page
  • Additional features cost USD199 per feature
  • Subsequent months’ maintenance costs USD199 per month (basic maintenance)

*Features include specific functions you want your site to perform, like collecting online payments from users through a payment mechanism, presenting users with a shopping cart, having a pay-per-post mechanism, supporting social media activities for the readers, etc.

**Hosting and maintenance means keeping your website in ship-shape condition, always running, and regularly updated, 24x7x365. It includes managing daily server issues, minor tweaks to the website, and 4-5 updates every week (at least 20 updates in a month).