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The Devil and the Rose- 5 | Cosmos Media

‘Hey Linda baby …How are we?’ Jack slaps her buttock playfully. He had come to pick Rose, and Linda was already there. Alone.   

‘Control you hands, Jack!’

 Men were afraid of Linda. She wasn’t the type to take sweet liberties with. They could flirt with her alright, only long as she was enjoying. There was no muscling in her privacy with ‘masculine heat’, so to speak.

 But she was always vary of Jack.

 In the game of seduction it’s impossible for women to think after a certain point. They can only feel then. Jack understood this basic fact about women and capitalized on that. No woman, Jack believed, could resist his masculine come-on. Every woman was made to surrender to the more powerful man, and it was his job to make the woman he was seducing see that. For Jack, seduction was fundamentally about controlling and pushing. The trick was in knowing when to control yourself and when to push the woman. Control because the woman has to know she hasn’t become indispensable to you, push because the woman needs it. Personally, he was big on the ‘push’ part. Especially with Linda.

 Linda wasn’t on his ‘hit-list’, so to speak, but because ‘the woman behaved so unaffected by me!’ he had to have her.

 ‘Huh huh! I like that in you. You bite!’ Jack keeps on touching her.

 ‘This… makes me hate you.’

 ‘Does it?’

 ‘You disgust me.’

 ‘Do I?’ He keeps at it.

 ‘Of all the filthy rats of the world, you are the…’

 ‘Whatever…’ With this Jack grabs Linda.

 ‘Please Jack, leave me. Please.’ This was the word that told Jack the woman was ready for him. It was like she was pleading with him to take her. He wasn’t just confident then. He knew that the cat was as good as in the bag. He never stopped after this point, except this one time with Linda.

 ‘She’s coming. Leave …’ Begged Linda one last time.

 On hearing footsteps, Jack lets her go but they are still too close for Rose to overlook what has happened.


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