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Cloud Migration | Cosmos Media

Cloud Migration

Cloud Hopping Simplified.

We understand that one solution does not fit everyone’s need. Every business may feel the need to move from their existing service to a new provider due to budgetary or technology constraints. Whether you are a business that wishes to move their on-premise setup to the cloud or you wish to migrate from one cloud provider to another, we’ve got your back.

With a need to blend legacy setups with the cloud, your business needs expert-level support to carefully assess the existing technology and form a solid plan to merge these services with the cloud.Move from your on prem location to the cloud or across clouds.

Our highly experienced teams have managed enterprise-grade data centers for years. With our vast experience in this field, we can easily handle migrations from on-premise networks to the cloud. We also assist businesses with migrations across public cloud service providers.


Our cloud migration process is extremely structured and well-defined. We use our specially curated 6-stage migration and quality management process to ensure an optimized, secure and problem-free transition to the cloud.

Azure Data Migration Services

AWS Data Migration Services