Writing and Editing

Our team’s core competence is writing and editing for our publisher clients, who may be publishing a monthly magazine or a weekly newsletter or a comprehensive community portal.

Following is the range of our writing and editing services, which we manage through our writing and editing team, Cosmos Writers.

Magazine publishing: Our editorial team is primarily into helping publishers with their publications’ content requirements, from charting out or conceptualising the whole magazine’s contents to procuring the desired contents, liaising with various freelancers and contributors, editing the contents, to finally getting the magazines designed from our in-house designers.

Our editor, Harpreet Bhagrath, has over 15 years of experience, editing a variety of magazine in India, Australia, and Fiji. Currently he is editing Brisbane, Australia-based monthly publication, Brisbane Connexion. Here are the various issues he has edited for this client: Click here to read Brisbane Connexion

Here is one of our other currently ongoing writing, editing, and graphics designing works, a monthly newspaper published from Brisbane, Queensland. We have also built their website and now maintain / update it daily: Indian News Queensland.

Proofreading and editing: From simple proofreading to heavy editing, we decide on the complexity of projects after preliminary discussion with clients. Just send an email with your documents and requirements, and we will work out the project’s complexity and quote for you. Our objective in editing is to improve the readability and effectiveness of your text and documents. This we do by minding your words, fixing your commas, crossing your Ts, and dotting your Is, among other things.

We are comfortable with British, Australian, and American English usage. For our Australian clients we use Style manual – For authors, editors and printers, for British clients Copy-editing: The Cambridge Handbook for Editors, Authors and Publishers, and for U.S. clients The Chicago Manual of Style. But we can also create, maintain, and adhere to a custom-written style sheet for your organisation.

Business writing: We custom-write your documents from scratch, as opposed to depending on boilerplates, templates, and borrowed texts, all this while keeping your end readers in mind: customers, investors, and staff. We also write so your PR staff has to work less towards building your brand value.

Our objectives in writing your documents and texts are to build your brand, impress your customers or readers, and persuade them to take the desired action. We achieve this by providing critical information, communicating effectively to your target customers, maintaining originality, demonstrating professional attitude, and building credibility for your organisation. The readers will notice the themes of originality, credibility, professionalism, and effective communication running through all your contents done by us.

Content writing: Right from thinking of the right keywords to getting the SEOed site ready after designing and building, we do it all for you. We can even maintain your website periodically—update contents, fix server issues, and make sure the site ranks well in search engines. Our objective is to have your site rank high up in search engines and register high traffic. This we do by, among other efforts, getting the right keyword density and placing them at just the right places within your site’s contents.

For your business documents, we can

  • Write them
  • Design them, if they need designing
  • Print them, if they need printing
  • Deliver to your office – ship them anywhere in the world

If you are building a website, we can

  • Write your website’s SEOed contents (content written to draw the traffic from online search engines)
  • Design and build it
  • Maintain and update its contents periodically