Guidelines for Freelance RJs Working with Cosmos Media

We pay our freelancers for jobs done professionally and to the agreed specifications of our client radio stations, and the guidelines given below have been established to make sure our freelance RJs do just that. Also, with these guidelines, we are not making you work extra; in other words, what we are asking you to do through these guidelines is exactly what you get paid for.

  1. Please make sure all your shows are just 1-2 minutes off the acceptable duration of one hour and 45 minutes. The rest of the 15 minutes are for us to put in the advertisements.
  2. Please edit very carefully to make sure there are no editing issues left in the shows sent to the core team in Mohali.
  3. Please choose songs with care and also make sure the songs are not repeated often.We are trying to keep both our client radio stations–Radio Brisvaani and Radio Haanji–clean and devoid of inappropriate songs, so please make sure you know the songs well before using them in your shows. The idea is to avoid songs that are obscene, racist, sexist,misogynist, provocative, and inflammatory. So no inappropriate songs please. If you are in doubt about any song, remember the golden rule – when in doubt, leave it out.
    • Because of our radio stations being members of Australian Performing Right Association (APRA), there are no copyright issues involved. So download the best songs from the internet.
  4. Kindly don’t use current news and affairs anywhere in the link, because we may run any of your shows a day later, a month later or 2 months later as well.
  5. Please keep the sequence within your shows like this: script and then a song or two, script and then a song or two, and so on. This way, it is easy for the core team to put the advertisements in.
    • Also, please make sure there are no more than two songs within your links. Please also take care not to start your links with a song directly, because with two songs from the previous links, the song in the current link—if it starts with a song again–puts three songs together between links.
  6. Please send through your profile (nicely written 200-300 words on you) and 4 to 10 hi-resolution photos to go in both the stations’ websites.
  7. Also, if you haven’t already, please send through a few breakers in your voice for both the radio stations.
    • Radio Haanji 1674 AM (3-4 breakers; in Hindi and Punjabi)
    • Just say: “Aap sun rahe hain upnaan favourite radio station. Radio Haanji 1674 AM.” OR “Sunte rahiye Radio Haanji 1674 AM, mere, RJ …, ke saath.”
    • For Radio Brisvaani 1701 AM (3-4 breakers; in Hindi and Punjabi), say the same as above
  8. Within your shows, please don’t mention any radio station’s name. Just say: “Aap sun rahe hain upnaan favourite radio station.” We will then fit the above breakers nicely within your show.
  9. Please don’t use any reference to any particular city like Brisbane or Melbourne, as in “Aap sabhee Brisbane waaseeyon ko…”
  10. Before you play a song, please say something about that song. The same way Ameen Sayani of All India Radio used to say, “…Iss geet ke bol likhe hain Majruh Sultanpuri nein aur awaazein hain Lata Mangeshkar aur Kishore kumar kee…”
    • Out of, say, 20 songs that you are playing in your show, try to do this to at least half of the songs, if not all of them.
  11. Shalini Verma, our co-ordinator, is currently making a calendar of yearly events for our team, so that we can be mindful of current festivals like holi, diwali,, while creating our links and doing our shows. You song selection, scripting, and link-making should reflect the current festivals, divas, holidays, occasions, special days, etc. As a community radio station for our Indian audiences in Australia, it is our duty to uphold the current festivals of this community and cater to the sentiments of our audiences. So try to push these special days in your shows.
  12. Our core team communicates with the RJs primarily through Skype, so please add all of us in your Skype:
    • Pankaj Kumar – pankaj.4u.4u
    • Chandani Jain – chandani.jain357
    • Harpreet Bhagrath – harpreet.bhagrath
    • Shalini Thakur – shalini28282

Thanks for working with us, and keep working hard.

Harpreet Bhagrath
Cosmos Media


  • For every instance of an RJ not adhering to the above guidelines, we will have to deduce 5% amount from that programme’s payment; in other words, every mistake will entail 5% deduction in payment for that show.
  • Every week, we will be selecting our “RJ of the Week”, keeping in mind criteria like quality of the show, song selection, quality of editing, audiences feedback; the prize will be Rs1000 per week.