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Serverless Architecture | Cosmos Media

Serverless Architecture

Serverless Computing – focus on your code Not infrastructure


A Serverless solution is one that costs you nothing to run if nobody is using it.” — Paul Johnston, ServerlessDays CoFounder

‘Serverless’ architecture of course doesn’t mean there is no server involved at all. It means you do not have to manage the server that you will put your application on.

We help you to understand if serverless architecture is the lean makeover your application needs.

And if the answer is yes we re-design your applications, so that you can focus on code, not on servers.

Our team of serverless Architects carrying out in-depth analysis of existing application architecture and figuring out best serverless solution keeping cost and best practices in mind.

We also offer managed services for serverless applications, which empowers you to focus on your business rather than application maintenance.

we’re insanely deep and focused pros on serverless.

Advantages of serverless :

  • No Server Management, No DevOps and NO babysitting
  • Pay-as-you-Go. You pay only for throughput or execution duration and not per server unit.
  • serverless platforms can be quickly scaled to meet demand spikes
  • Less time to market